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    Hello, everyone! I’m Shi Lei from FoundGame. The blockchain project was the one that I’ve involved a long time ago, so many professional from the Cryptocurrency may have heard of me. Today, I want to recommend you this game release platform–FoundGame, which is under preparation and will be online soon.

    Some brief introduction of my experience with Bitcoin from the beginning. I started trading Bitcoin roughly in October to November in 2013, the price at that time was 6,000-7,000RMB. It was not until the price rose to 7,200 RMB that I started to buy bitcoins. The rest of the story, probably you already know it, the price kept falling until 2015 whereas I also kept buying in these bitcoins. In total, I collected hundreds of Bitcoins and meanwhile I develop my own game business. In 2016, when it was a turnaround time for Bitcoin, I began bitcoin mining with multi-million investment and I have 6P bitcoin computing capacity. The whole mining process is very exciting, like riding roller-coaster.

    Apart from Bitcoin, I also trade Litecoin. I owned tens of thousands of Litecoins at its best time and sold out when the price was 2000. Thus, Litecoins really helped me a lot. I also want to thank Mao Shu, who asked me to buy in 1 million BTS when the price was 2.3 cents. I have been keeping them and do not sell any of them even when the peak price was 6. Thus, I have some emotional connection with BTS.

    I have experienced so many things in crypto currency with some understanding of blockchain technology. Therefore, it’s our wish to turn our ideas into reality by FoundGame.

    This is a one-stop EOS-based game sharing platform. With this platform, players can release games, make crowdfunding campaign, IP exchange, and review games, etc. We have three main purposes for FoundGame.

    Firstly, from the big picture of the whole industry, the concept of public blockchain is frequently mentioned, but from my perspective, public blockchain is not so highly needed in the industry. So we choose to develop applications by EOS. According to our prediction, cryptocurrency application might be the next outbreak of the whole industry. So we are creating a game distribution platform, hoping FGC could generate value in this platform, so as to form a sound eco system.

    Secondly, as a game developer with lots of products for many years, during our preparation, we found that game release mainly relies on Apple, GooglePlay, STEAM and other top players in the industry. While in China, Android game platform also start to take shape, such as Tencent’s Android, Xiaomi, UC, etc.. By the end of 2016, there were 566 million domestic game players.

    While bringing opportunity, the explosion of the market also poses challenge. “Strong” platform resulted in smaller living space for small and medium-sized developers, rampant piracy, and the loss and even the end of high-quality contents, all of which can be felt more or less by many game players. But blockchain can help game practitioners find a new solution. Therefore, we use this new technology to change production relations.

    Thirdly, as a senior player, I’m keenly aware that it is very hard to find a real fascinating game now. Big game developers have overwhelming advantage with their mainstream platforms, burying many great independent games, which may be maliciously reviewed by the so-called water army. Now, blockchain can perfectly solve this problem. With its tamper-resistant mechanism and incentive mechanism, blockchain can help small and medium-sized developers find their living space, and even change production relations of game.

    So what we need to do is the implementation of blockchain technology and project on our platform, to achieve community autonomy and create a benign ecological closed loop, and thus let the FGC have real circulation value.

    I am very confident in our project, because we boast strong blockchain technology in China and game R&D team at the same time. Our development team has decades of experience in game industry and 3-5 years of experience in blockchain investment. I entered the game industry in 2003, and worked in PERFECT WORLD from 2006 to 2007 as project manager of “My Own Swordsman”.

    I started my business after leaving the PERFECT WORLD. I’ve tried some game-related industries during this process. Our team closely cooperates with domestic mainstream game companies, such as PERFECT WORLD, Netease, Tencent and many other domestic leading game developers, so we have rich game-related content and game resources.

    At the same time, we are constantly striving for external resources, with a view to provide more services to users on platform. At present, we are working with more than 10 companies, for example, we cooperate with FULU NETWORK to provide users on platform with various value-added services, such as account rental, game leveling, game training, account trading, equipment trading, game currency trading and so on.

    Other game projects are mainly based on public chain, personally speaking, I don’t think this industry needs so many public chains. Secondly, we use EOS which is a relatively complete public chain. EOS, in its technology and influence, is much stronger than average public chains. We own more R&D and industry resources than other projects.

    Moving forward, starting from May, FGC will also land in 5-8 exchanges in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and etc.; closed beta of platform application will be done at the end of May, and the open beta will be carried out when EOS main network is stable. I believe that in the near future, everyone will be able to see more practical action and have more confidence in our whole project.

    Finally, I have a word to share, some may have heard of that on EOSBIXIN event, that is, “Choice is more important than persistence, and direction is more important than effort. The earth is round, all friends in game, we are waiting for you in the EOS.”



❓:What is the core value of FGC

💬:We will change the game industry production relations by FGC, give the right back to to users and fully realize the community autonomy.

❓:How does FoundGame work with blockchain

💬:FGC, universal points used on the platform, by drawing on its digital assets, incentive mechanism, value circulation, tamper-resistance features, enables the users to build and change the game production relations so as to create a sound closed looped eco-system.

❓:When will FoundGame go to big exchange

💬:First of all, in my view, Bigone is a big exchange. That’s why we choose it. The other exchanges offer green channel to EOS-based application. I believe in the near future FoundGame will join most of other exchanges.

❓:When will the application be ready 

💬:Our product will have close-beta by the end of May, and will be available in EOS mainchain once it is stale, roughly in July.

❓:How to quickly activate the eco-system

💬:First of all, we have acquired substantial seed users by blockchain. Then we will cooperate with famous game companies and independent game studios to develop some game products, which will attract a large number of players by incentives of the blockchain. In this sense, the eco-system is very complete.

❓:Why FGC has no Chinese name

💬:FGC has its Chinese name, given by our users, that is French cuisine in its meaning. Why French cuisine? Because we think game is like cuisine, dividing into different types, such as appetizer, main course and dessert, etc. I believe that in the future the product incubated by us will be like different courses, really amaze our users.






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